• The Story of Ceramic Foundry Sand


The Origin of Ceramic Foundry Sand

In 1997, Mr. Liu Mandui, who engaged in the production and research of resin coated sands ot the inspiration from the fused ceramic sand used as the oilfield fracturing proppant. He questioned about if it is a perfect foundry sand. Meanwhile, he made the test on the particle size distribution, refractoriness, pH value, acid demand value and chemical composition of the fused ceramic sand. Furthermore, its strength, gas evolution and permeability using various of binders are also studied. The unique characteristics benefit to foundry use verified Mr. Liu Mandui’s original research ideas.

However, for foundry purpose, the surface finish and refractoriness of oilfield fracturing proppant fused ceramic sand did not meet Mr. Liu Mandui’s requirements. So after numerous attempts and failures, he finally found out that a way to melt and process into ceramic foundry sand by using electric arc. To the development and promotion of this unique foundry sand, Mr. Liu Mandui and his partners founded Luoyang Kailin Foundry Material Co., Ltd. in 1999. In 2000, Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand appeared in the magazine Foundry for the first time. Since then, the promotion and application of Ceramic Foundry Sand started a new era.