• Foundry Filter

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Foundry Filter Characteristics

This product is made of high temperature resistant glass fiber, which can effectively remove inclusions in metal liquid and eliminate (or reduce) defects such as sand holes, slag holes and pores.

Filter Placement Location Diagram

Filter Placement Location Diagram

Casting Filter

Filter Name Operating temperature /℃ Continuous working time /min Normal temperature tensile strength /(N/4) Mesh size Standard sizes Characteristics
Steel liquid filter 1600 4 160 2*2;2.5*2.5 Tailored according to user needs Filtering and slag removal effect
Iron filter 1450 10 80 1.5*1.5;2*2;2.5*2.5
Copper alloy filter 1200 10 60 1.5*1.5;2*2;2.5*2.5
Aluminum alloy filter 850 10 50 1*1;1.5*1.5
Another: steel liquid, iron liquid, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other specifications of the cap filter


Cast steel filter is controlled within 20s, 7-15s is recommended.