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Ceramic Foundry Sand

In order to reduce waste emissions and health hazards to people in classic foundry process,as well as to improve foundry,Luoyang Kailin Foundry Material Company has developed a new special foundry sand,ceramic sand.
Due to ceramic sand outstanding properties,Kailin ceramic sand has been widely used in most types of foundry process as an upgrade substitution of silica sand and special foundry sands.

Ceramic Foundry Sand Production Process

Strictly adhere to the standards of each production process, and provide high quality and reliable casting materials for domestic and foreign enterprises.


01.Alumina bauxite


02.Simple broken


03.Arc melting


04.Wind broken into balls

and Collecting

05.Sand Collecting



Sand Mixing

07.Sand Mixing


08.Ceramic foundry sand finished products

To produce Ceramic Foundry Sand, operators need to put the calcined bauxite containing 65%-85% aluminum oxide into the electric arc melting device. The ore melts into liquid outfow under high temperature. At the moment, the outflow is blown into fine particles by the compressed air with a certain pressure. By the surface tension, the spherical or spheroidal sand grains are made with smooth surface. After cooling and sieving, the ceramic foundry sands of different particle are graded. At last, the final products of ceramic foundry sand packed to meet the different customers’ requirements