Application of Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand in Cold Box Process

Kailin Ceramic Sand, originally developed in China by Luoyang Kailin Foundry Material, is a kind of artificial foundry sand with superior properties such as spherical grain shape, high refractory, chemical inertness and good crushing resistance. Since the beginning of 21st century, Kailin Ceramic Sand, in virtue of its exceptional characteristics in foundry use, has been successfully employed in many factories of sand casting (green sand, sodium-silicate bonded sand, no-bake, hot-box, and cold-box, for sand moulding and core-making) and EPC process to produce iron, steel and Non-Ferrous castings. Foundries have gained enormous benefits of binder consumption savings, casting defects reduction, wastes emissions elimination, and quality promotion. This article introduces the application of Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand in cold box process