Shell Mold Casting

Application of Ceramic Foundry Sand in Shell Method Casting

The shell method has a history of seral decades, mainly used in cast iron, non-ferrous alloy casting. In recent years, withthe rapid promotion of Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand in the application of resin coated sand, the Kailin Ceramic FoundrySand for shell method has been extended quickly. Because of the properties of spherical particle shape, high refractoriness,chemically neutral stability, high particle hardness and reclaim yield, the shell method using Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand iswidly used in cast iron, cast steel (including stainless steel), casting alloy etc. It can partially replace lost wax investment casting process, and the casting dimension tolerance can reach CT6-CT7 of standard GB 6414, the surface roughnessRa12.5 or below.This new method can significantly improve casting productivity and quality, greatly reduce casting cost and reduce casting waste emission. In addition, the key point of shell method using Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand is casting process design and the technology of used sand reclaimation. This article mainly indroduces some latest application examples and experiences.