Fuel Fiter Head(aluminum alloy)

Application of Kailin Ceramic Foundry Sand on Heavy Steel Castings

Ceramic foundry sand was firstly introduced into foundry industry in 1999 by Luoyang Kailin Foundry Material. Ceramic sand, technically as fused ceramic sand for foundry, is made from calcined bauxite which main content is aluminum oxide, processed by melting, blowing, sieving and blending. Ceramic sand has excellent properties, including spherical shape, high refractoriness, good crush resistance, inert chemical characteristics, high reclamation yields, etc. To solve the problem of metal penetration and burn-on, veins and sometimes sand sintering at riser pad of heavy steel casting, foundry men take advantages of using alkaline phenolic resin boned sand or sodium silicate bonded sand with Kailin ceramic sand, finding that those problems and defects are successfully solved. And, the waste sand and dust emission are remarkably reduced.